Further investigations Lisa Theris: Wilderness survivors should have taken drugs

After a month the missing Lisa Theris was found in the wild. Investigators now say they had taken drugs.

28 days mistaken 25-year-old student Lisa Theris around in a forest in the State of Alabama, until it was found by a motorcyclist. She was naked at the time, had scratched arms and legs and was emaciated.

The authorities could not immediately explain how this could happen, that the young woman was wandering so long in the wilderness without finding a way out of the woods beyond. Finally, Lisa was not more than two kilometers away from the road.

Lisa Theris fled into the wilderness because they did not want to be associated with a burglary. There they wandered for weeks around alone, nourished only of mushrooms and berries.After four weeks in the wilderness the missing Lisa Theris was found.
Photo: Facebook / Lisa Theris

Now, however, investigators have shed new light, according to which Lisa is said to have been under the influence of drugs.

The intake of methamphetamine should have meant that she had hallucinations and completely disoriented. It should be then walked in a circle - four weeks.

Her two companions are said to have also taken the drugs. After they lost Lisa in the woods, they would have imagined that one of them had killed the student. Only they were not sure who might have done it. That's why they got into an argument.


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